I’m an innovative storyteller, as comfortable in the edit suite as in the field. I love mixing genres to give a unique perspective to shows I work on. My passion is for Natural History, people, science, and adventure. I’ve worked extensively in the USA and on international co-productions. I have a knack with CGI and technology, and an insatiable curiosity about the world.

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I have over a decade of experience producing television, and have worked on everything from low budget Obs-docs to landmark Blue-Chip Natural History. If you have a factual production that needs showrunning or producing let me know!


I worked on and off in development throughout my career and have been successful in getting a number of  shows developed, pitched and produced. I great at making decks and have a knack of creating docs about surprising things.


My directing skill set has be developed over a wide range of shows. I’ve done  all sorts, from comedy, kids, adventure to science and natural history. I’m known for my sense of humour and strong visual style.


My writing skills have been honed over countless productions, from initial drafts through to final scripts. If you have a project that needs punching up, or smoothing out, give me a shout!


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